Translated Doujinshi: Change of Gradation

This one was way cuter and way more interesting that I originally thought it would be. As I was editing in the text  I was really getting into it. So, this Zelda doujinshi is Change of Gradation by RengeYa, or Inui. I have seen very little work by this artist and, at a glance, their skills don't seem as developed as some other doujin-ka: but there's a charm and thoughtfulness to this that many other doujinshi are lacking. Incredible thanks must again go to Rinael, she's done so much translating for us~ Just as much thanks to Fox Lee, who did a wonderful job localizing this one~ I cleaned and typeset (not my best job but the translation had been sitting around too long)~ and another huge thanks go to Kyoukankaku for helping translate the first page on short notice. I had missed scanning it and didn't realize that until I was almost done editing. Enjoy!

It's a Twilight Princess True Form Midna x Link Romance. It features Shad, Princess Zelda, and Telma. 41 pages, from 2007.


New Doujinshi Added: Tokidoki Dokidoki Tasogaredoki

Tokidoki Dokidoki Tasogaredoki (sometimes - *heartbeat* - twilight time) or (Sometimes During Twilight, My Heart Beats Faster) is a really cute, but short, Zelda doujinshi by Misa and Minato. I don't have a lot of Minato's work on the site, maybe because it's mostly in newer doujinshi, but I really adore her distinct style. Go here to check it out!

In other news I'm going to try to get to contest stuff first, and then I don't know where to start... There are a lot of doujinshi that need to be edited, but I don't know if my arm is well enough for that yet. So I may try to work on the next section of the official art gallery, (Adventure of Link,) or get the publication's section more up to date: There are a lot of doujinshi that we don't have that I've found, that I can add to the un-obtained/scraps section. Plus, Karnella has been extremely helpful in sorting out the info on the artist and finding the doujinka's websites, and I really need to add that info sometime soon.

Zelda Doujinshi: Empress

I am extremely excited to be able to post this. I've been wanting to see this since I found an image of it on an archived doujinshi seller's website that was no longer in business. It seems to be extraordinarily rare but, thanks once again to the fabulous Joouheika (aka Fuji,) it's no longer lost to the world. I'm so indebted to her for her efforts and how much she shares with all of us.

This is Empress, another stunning Zelda doujinshi by one of my favorite doujinka, Dogstars/Inu Nishimachi.

And, once again, I should remind all of you to check out Joouheika's Tumblr. It's FULL of really awesome translated Zelda web-comics, stuff you will not find anywhere else., enjoy!


Newly Translated Doujinshi: Promised Forest

The Zelda doujinshi Promised Frest, aka Promised Forest, by Usagi Paradise and a few other artists, has been translated into English and uploaded to the site for your enjoyment! It's a charming collection of stories involving Link and Saria. It was translated by our wonderful Rinael and beautifully edited by our awesome new team member Zippy. Be sure to check it out:

In other news, I'm finally back online after having surgery for my right arm. Updates should start flowing now that I'm around.

Triforce Tribute Gallery Show Going On Now!

Not long ago I mentioned a Zelda-only gallery show that was going down in Portland Oregon, well: it opened, and thanks to the wonderful Kimya, we have a great video showcasing the works there!

It's taking place at the Land Gallery and will be open through April 21st... if anyone else is lucky enough to go. (send us pics if you do!)

Most of the pieces have already sold. (If you don't know, that's what the little red-dot-stickers mean.) Kimya also told me that many more sold after she had taken the video.

You can find the show's tumblr, with more pictures, here: Here's their flickr with more images: Triforce Tribute at Land. And here's their shop for the show if you're interested in purchasing anything (or just want to look.) You might notice that, even though it just opened, almost everything has sold. Which is incredibly awesome for the artists and event organizers! I couldn't be happier. I hope it means more Zelda shows happen!

Which is your favorite piece? Mine is in the video, it's the triforce pieces with the boss images on them. I also love the next one I'm posting. I think I would have bought the original if it hadn't already sold.

Old School Me

Welcome to History of Hyrule on LJ

History of Hyrule is finally open again. There was only an 8 year hiatus *pfft*
I hope to use this community to help keep other LiveJournal users updated with what's going on at the site, as well as for just posting awesome Zelda related stuff.

I'm going to have the group set as an open membership for a little while with everyone having posting access; but the posts are moderated. Then, if that becomes and issue we'll simply switch to moderated membership and select member posting access.

As to what can be posted here: Anything Zelda that's interesting or news worthy, and site updates on my end. Treat it the same as you would the forums for now. I mean, we can always refine it later, after we see what it trends towards. ...yay!

Oh, and if you do post, just use some of the tags I've provided to help keep things a little organized. If you feel something is missing from them, feel free to add it.

And, OMG, yay. I can't believe it's back!
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