Melora (melorasworld) wrote in historyofhyrule,

Welcome to History of Hyrule on LJ

History of Hyrule is finally open again. There was only an 8 year hiatus *pfft*
I hope to use this community to help keep other LiveJournal users updated with what's going on at the site, as well as for just posting awesome Zelda related stuff.

I'm going to have the group set as an open membership for a little while with everyone having posting access; but the posts are moderated. Then, if that becomes and issue we'll simply switch to moderated membership and select member posting access.

As to what can be posted here: Anything Zelda that's interesting or news worthy, and site updates on my end. Treat it the same as you would the forums for now. I mean, we can always refine it later, after we see what it trends towards. ...yay!

Oh, and if you do post, just use some of the tags I've provided to help keep things a little organized. If you feel something is missing from them, feel free to add it.

And, OMG, yay. I can't believe it's back!
Please join us!
Tags: welcome

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