Melora (melorasworld) wrote in historyofhyrule,

Triforce Tribute Gallery Show Going On Now!

Not long ago I mentioned a Zelda-only gallery show that was going down in Portland Oregon, well: it opened, and thanks to the wonderful Kimya, we have a great video showcasing the works there!

It's taking place at the Land Gallery and will be open through April 21st... if anyone else is lucky enough to go. (send us pics if you do!)

Most of the pieces have already sold. (If you don't know, that's what the little red-dot-stickers mean.) Kimya also told me that many more sold after she had taken the video.

You can find the show's tumblr, with more pictures, here: Here's their flickr with more images: Triforce Tribute at Land. And here's their shop for the show if you're interested in purchasing anything (or just want to look.) You might notice that, even though it just opened, almost everything has sold. Which is incredibly awesome for the artists and event organizers! I couldn't be happier. I hope it means more Zelda shows happen!

Which is your favorite piece? Mine is in the video, it's the triforce pieces with the boss images on them. I also love the next one I'm posting. I think I would have bought the original if it hadn't already sold.

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