Melora (melorasworld) wrote in historyofhyrule,

New Doujinshi Added: Tokidoki Dokidoki Tasogaredoki

Tokidoki Dokidoki Tasogaredoki (sometimes - *heartbeat* - twilight time) or (Sometimes During Twilight, My Heart Beats Faster) is a really cute, but short, Zelda doujinshi by Misa and Minato. I don't have a lot of Minato's work on the site, maybe because it's mostly in newer doujinshi, but I really adore her distinct style. Go here to check it out!

In other news I'm going to try to get to contest stuff first, and then I don't know where to start... There are a lot of doujinshi that need to be edited, but I don't know if my arm is well enough for that yet. So I may try to work on the next section of the official art gallery, (Adventure of Link,) or get the publication's section more up to date: There are a lot of doujinshi that we don't have that I've found, that I can add to the un-obtained/scraps section. Plus, Karnella has been extremely helpful in sorting out the info on the artist and finding the doujinka's websites, and I really need to add that info sometime soon.
Tags: stuff: doujinshi

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