June 29th, 2012


Translated Doujinshi: Change of Gradation

This one was way cuter and way more interesting that I originally thought it would be. As I was editing in the text  I was really getting into it. So, this Zelda doujinshi is Change of Gradation by RengeYa, or Inui. I have seen very little work by this artist and, at a glance, their skills don't seem as developed as some other doujin-ka: but there's a charm and thoughtfulness to this that many other doujinshi are lacking. Incredible thanks must again go to Rinael, she's done so much translating for us~ Just as much thanks to Fox Lee, who did a wonderful job localizing this one~ I cleaned and typeset (not my best job but the translation had been sitting around too long)~ and another huge thanks go to Kyoukankaku for helping translate the first page on short notice. I had missed scanning it and didn't realize that until I was almost done editing. Enjoy!

It's a Twilight Princess True Form Midna x Link Romance. It features Shad, Princess Zelda, and Telma. 41 pages, from 2007.