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History of Hyrule

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Updates and news for Zelda and historyofhyrule.com
Welcome to History of Hyrule on LJ.
This is a blog for keeping up with Zelda, as well as updates and content posted for the website HistoryofHyrule.com.

Art and Adult Content
* Warning: This journal contains adult material that may not be suitable for people under the age of 18.
* Any mature content should be legal in the United States, marked as NSFW, have a brief PG description/warning, put under a cut, be members only, and use the adult content settings.
* Go here to understand what the "Adult" settings mean on LJ.
* Anyone who fails to do this will have their content deleted and, depending on the severity, might be banned.

Read This Useful Information First:
* Membership will be open to anyone. (At the moment it will be set to "open" but because of spam-bots I'm sure I'll have to switch it to "moderated" )
* Only members can comment.
* Posting is open to members but is moderated.
* Spammers and Trolls will be banned.
* The biggest rule is just to act respectful towards each other: doing that will pretty much cover the "rules."
* The "tags" will give you an idea of what could be okay to post.
* Use the tags to navigate; think of the posts more like a forum.
* If you're a member with any general questions or suggestions for the site/community, you can post them in the 'welcome' thread.

Contact and Notes
* Do not note me, Melora, here. I do not get my LJ notes, email me instead:
* If you have any other news or information that you would like to see posted here, or on the main site, or just have questions; please email Melora at melorasworld@gmail.com